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Where are you located? You are in the plains or in the hills?
We are on a hill, in a strategic location. Anyone who has been our guest was pleasantly impressed by the ease with which you can reach the resort ...... Umbria. and not only too Marche and Tuscany.

How far is your house from Gubbio?
About twenty minutes, if you take the highway. There is also the opportunity to take the scenic route, which starts right from our farm and is very suggestive, between the hills of Umbria. In this case s'impiegano 25 minutes.

While visiting Assisi?
For Assisi it takes half an hour in the freeway. The entrance is 3 Km from the farm. 

Do you have rooms or apartments?
We have three apartments, with fully equipped kitchen. If you wish you can cook you dinner or we finish. If there are any festivals we will inform you.

Also make dinner?
Yes, we have dinner together in the lounge. You will have the chance to get to know the other guests as well. The evenings become pleasant moments of your vacation. 

But there are dinners every night?
No, not every night. But if you like it, when there is no dinner, prepare some good boards with sliced ​​of our pork, the torta al testo (the typical focaccia umbra "tasteless" no salt), cheese, jams, pickles and salads of the season . Red wine or white depending on your preference. On request the pizza. It is a service that really like guests. 

If we have to do some shopping stores are far away?
No five-minute drive. In addition to state there is a very fast road that takes you directly to the stores. The country is called Umbertide and you can find everything you might need: supermarkets, pharmacies, tobacconists, post office and churches. On Wednesday in the square, if you're interested, there is a market. 

Do you have air conditioning in the apartments?
No. In the evening, in the month of August, often sleeps with a sheet and blanket.

Bed linen and towels provided them you?
Yes, on arrival you will find the apartment full of everything.

And as for breakfast if we stop only 2-3 days?
Upon arrival you will find the breakfast in the kitchen of your apartment: coffee, tea, sugar, milk, biscuits, jam, biscuits and cakes that we prepare. 

The breakfast served in the lounge?
No, we provide breakfast in the apartment.

In the weekly package, breakfast included?
To allow you to better organize your week, we provide breakfast for the first few days of your stay.

In the pool can also be people who are not in guest house?
No. The pool is only for guests staying with us. Our farm is small and can accommodate up to 10 people. So there is the risk of finding crowds. We wanted a large pool 6x14 mt to give our guests the opportunity to swim in the maximum relaxation.

We must, take the headphones?
Yes, with respect for all and to ensure better hygiene, we ask you to attrezzarvi with a headset.


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